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Innovative and Effective Engineering Consulting Services

CAElliott has been providing mechanical design and engineering solutions since 1996 with most of our clients being within a few key industries. A few industries we typical focus on include Electronics, Transport, Machinery, and Medical Industries.


We provide innovative and effective solutions for the ever-changing landscape of electronics and technology. CAElliott has engineers with decades of combined knowledge to find the best solution for you and all your future projects. Contact us today to discuss your future electronic projects! We specialize in these areas but are not limited to:

  • Wireless & Cellular Technology
  • Fiber Optic & Photonic Technology
  • Data Center Switching Equipment
  • Satellite Communications & Radio Frequency Equipment
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The transportation sector is a critical part of any economy. CAElliott can provide mechanical engineering and design for any of your transport projects to plan for a better and more accessible future. Our expertise in electronics gives us a unique perspective that allow us to provide the best solutions possible. We are able to provide consulting to any transport projects but specialize in a few areas such as:

  • Road & Surface Transportation Technology
  • Railway Transportation Technology
  • Marine Transportation Technology
  • Aerospace Transportation Technology
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With our well known design and engineering skills, CAElliott have the experts you want to work with for your next custom machinery project. We have innovative designs and experience with process based manufacturing, research, and development. Contact us today to see how we can optimize your next project.

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Caelliott is know for it’s deep supplier network and can facilitate the testing, assembly, and evaluation stages for your medical manufacturing needs. Whether you need prototype manufacturing, dental device design, or injury prevention equipment, CAElliott can help no matter what your medical project is. We have a long history of improving the health care industry and since every medical project has different requirements, we are always excited to offer up unique healthcare solutions each and every time.

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We support the transportation industry with mechanical engineering and design solutions. Our expertise with software tools enable us to optimize designs by using computational fluid dynamics, structural analysis, thermal analysis and mechanism dynamics. We have years of experience designing and commissioning products and test equipment for road, rail, marine and aerospace projects that have helped shape how people and products are transported around the world. Our combined expertise in electronics and the transportation industry uniquely position us to help engineer the future of autonomous vehicles within North America’s electro-mechanical industrial superclusters.

Road & Surface Transportation Technology

We engineer product components, process equipment and test apparatuses that drive surface transportation innovations. We have experience with design and analysis for casting, forging, forming and molding. We can simulate material flow, air flow, stress, displacement, fatigue and vibration, all of which allow us to develop innovative solutions for the transportation industry

• Automotive Forging Design
• Tire Manufacturing Equipment
• Road Vehicle Testing Equipment

Railway Transportation Technology

We are helping to improve the durability of rail components through mechanical engineering analysis, test equipment design and product design. Some examples of our services are life cycle testing for machines, structural simulation, and product design for dynamic stability of rail components.

• Elastomer Life Cycle Test Equipment
• Structural and Fatigue Analysis
• Casting Design for Rolling Stock

Marine Transportation Technology

We support marine research, development, and design innovation using computational fluid dynamics and solid mechanical engineering and design experience. We have expertise in welded boat structures, ruggedized shipboard electronics and corrosion resistant materials engineering.

• Shipboard Electronic Enclosures
• Corrosion Resistant Design
• Hull and Wharf Flow Analysis

Aerospace Transportation Technology

Using sophisticated computer aided design software, we can quickly generate complex stream lined geometry. Our engineers work closely with aerospace engineers to create experimental designs and test equipment including wind tunnel models for icing, altitude and aero-elastics testing.

• Wind Tunnel Models
• Dynamic Positioning Systems
• Stress Analysis of Aerospace Components

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