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Innovative and Effective Engineering Consulting Services

CAElliott has been providing mechanical design and engineering solutions since 1996 with most of our clients being within a few key industries. A few industries we typical focus on include Electronics, Transport, Machinery, and Medical Industries.


We provide innovative and effective solutions for the ever-changing landscape of electronics and technology. CAElliott has engineers with decades of combined knowledge to find the best solution for you and all your future projects. Contact us today to discuss your future electronic projects! We specialize in these areas but are not limited to:

  • Wireless & Cellular Technology
  • Fiber Optic & Photonic Technology
  • Data Center Switching Equipment
  • Satellite Communications & Radio Frequency Equipment
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The transportation sector is a critical part of any economy. CAElliott can provide mechanical engineering and design for any of your transport projects to plan for a better and more accessible future. Our expertise in electronics gives us a unique perspective that allow us to provide the best solutions possible. We are able to provide consulting to any transport projects but specialize in a few areas such as:

  • Road & Surface Transportation Technology
  • Railway Transportation Technology
  • Marine Transportation Technology
  • Aerospace Transportation Technology
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With our well known design and engineering skills, CAElliott have the experts you want to work with for your next custom machinery project. We have innovative designs and experience with process based manufacturing, research, and development. Contact us today to see how we can optimize your next project.

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Caelliott is know for it’s deep supplier network and can facilitate the testing, assembly, and evaluation stages for your medical manufacturing needs. Whether you need prototype manufacturing, dental device design, or injury prevention equipment, CAElliott can help no matter what your medical project is. We have a long history of improving the health care industry and since every medical project has different requirements, we are always excited to offer up unique healthcare solutions each and every time.

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Our engineers have expertise packaging electronics into many different types of substrates and enclosures. We understand how to design for electromagnetic shielding, radio frequency isolation, fluid ingress protection, thermal cooling, product vibration and a host of other requirements to the appropriate standards. Our mechanical engineers work closely with electrical engineers and designers to capture mechanical outlines and components for PCB layout and cabling harnesses. We also understand the need to be cost effective and on schedule in fast paced and highly competitive electronic industries.

In the ever-changing landscape of technology in both the private and public sectors, the need for innovative solutions for electronics design and mechanical design of substrates and enclosures, you need a team of experienced mechanical engineers that has decades of combined knowledge in mechanical design and engineering to create a solution that works best for your project. More importantly, you need a team of mechanical engineers that aren’t satisfied with doing what has already been done before. You need innovative mechanical engineers to push your new technologies towards the future. We are involved with many different electronics design projects and can certainly help you with your project. Take a look at what we do and get in touch with us today to discuss your project!

Wireless & Cellular Technology

We have a wealth of experience designing antennas and base station equipment to meet the mechanical requirements of manufacturers and their international carriers. Our mechanical engineers are helping to design the next generation of wireless technologies at state-of-the-art research facilities.

• Cellular Antenna Design
• Cellular Equipment Design
• 5G Active Antenna Design

Fiber Optic & Photonic Technology

We are helping to design and define the next generation of opto-electronic interfaces. As electronic designs become increasingly smaller, denser and more powerful, the associated challenges and solutions for the design and production of microelectronic assemblies is becoming increasingly more mechanical in nature.

• Transceiver Mechanical Design
• Fiber Optic Connector Design
• Microelectronic Thermal Analysis

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Data Center Switching Equipment

Our thermal analysis skills are helping to keep data center rack switches and shelves cooler and more energy efficient. We have a strong background in conduction, convection and radiative cooling that allows us to thermally optimize products for data center applications.

• Rack Switch Mechanical Design
• Cooling Fan Flow Analysis
• Heat Sink & Heat Pipe Design

Satellite Communications & Radio Frequency Equipment

Our mechanical engineers have expertise in mechanical design of radio frequency enclosures, antenna structures, and microwave systems for satellite communications. We have the tools and experience to design highly reliable systems for deployment in the harshest of conditions.

• RF Waveguide Component Design
• Multi-axis Positioning Systems
• Outdoor Electronic Enclosure Design

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What is your team's expertise in electronics packaging and design?

Our engineers have extensive experience in packaging electronics into various substrates and enclosures. We specialize in designing for electromagnetic shielding, fluid ingress protection, thermal cooling, and more to meet industry standards.

How do your mechanical engineers collaborate with electrical engineers?

Our mechanical engineers work closely with electrical engineers and designers to capture mechanical outlines and components for PCB layout and cabling harnesses. This collaborative approach ensures seamless integration of mechanical and electrical aspects.

How do you ensure cost-effectiveness and timely delivery in fast-paced electronic industries?

We understand the competitive nature of the electronic industry and prioritize both cost-effectiveness and on-schedule delivery in our projects. Our experience allows us to optimize designs without compromising quality.

How do your mechanical engineers contribute to innovation in electronics design?

We believe in pushing the boundaries of technology. Our innovative mechanical engineers bring fresh perspectives to your projects, avoiding repetitive solutions and helping your new technologies advance into the future.

Can you provide examples of your involvement in wireless technology design?

Absolutely. We excel in cellular antenna design, cellular equipment design, and 5G active antenna design. Our expertise in wireless technology helps us shape the future of connectivity.

How are you involved in fiber optic and photonic technology design?

We contribute significantly to the next generation of opto-electronic interfaces. Our expertise covers transceiver mechanical design, fiber optic connector design, and microelectronic thermal analysis for smaller and more powerful designs.

What is your role in optimizing data center switching equipment?

Our thermal analysis skills enhance data center rack switches’ efficiency and cooling. We specialize in conduction, convection, and radiative cooling, optimizing products for energy-efficient data center applications.

How do you design systems for satellite communications and RF equipment?

Our mechanical engineers have a strong background in satellite communications, designing radio frequency enclosures, antenna structures, and microwave systems. We excel in creating reliable systems for even the harshest conditions.

Can you elaborate on your expertise in RF waveguide design and positioning systems?

We specialize in designing RF waveguide components and multi-axis positioning systems. These capabilities enable us to create precise and reliable solutions for various electronic applications.

What is the typical timeline for completing projects in these domains?

The timeline for completing projects in these domains varies based on the specific scope and complexity of each project. Some projects might be relatively short-term, with durations as brief as a week or two, especially for focused tasks. On the other hand, more intricate projects could extend over three to six months to ensure thorough analysis and optimization. Certain contracts might involve annual renewals and could span multiple years, especially for ongoing support, optimization, and refinement of designs.

What are the qualifications and expertise of your team members?

Our team primarily consists of Mechanical Engineers and experienced Mechanical Designers who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. These professionals are senior design experts, showcasing not only their technical prowess but also their practical experience in tackling complex engineering challenges. Their extensive knowledge spans a wide range of areas within their discipline, encompassing various industries and contexts. They possess superior Computer-Aided Design (CAD) skills, which are essential for translating innovative ideas into practical and optimized designs.

How do you handle intellectual property and confidentiality?

Respecting intellectual property and ensuring confidentiality are paramount to our approach. At the outset of most projects, we initiate a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our clients. This legally binding agreement safeguards your sensitive information, ideas, and project details. Our commitment to confidentiality ensures that your proprietary information remains protected throughout the duration of our collaboration, fostering a secure environment for innovation and development.

Do you offer on-site consulting or remote services?

We offer both on-site consulting and remote services, providing flexibility to cater to your specific needs and preferences. Our team can work closely with you on-site if that suits your project requirements or if face-to-face collaboration is preferred. On the other hand, our remote services are designed to provide seamless support regardless of geographic location. Leveraging modern communication technologies, we can effectively engage in virtual meetings, discussions, and collaborative sessions, ensuring that your project progresses smoothly regardless of physical proximity.

How can I get in touch to discuss my electronics design project with your team?

We encourage you to reach out to us today to discuss your project. We look forward to helping you achieve your project goals!