Leading edge medical manufacturers rely on us to provide collaborative engineering & design solutions for mechanical problems that meet their strict industry compliance standards. We are always excited to work on projects in medical fields because no other field needs solutions that create a better world and have a direct impact on millions of lives. CAElliott has a long history of improving the health care industry through innovative mechanical engineering & design. Our background in electronics packaging and medical equipment design prepares us to support your next breakthrough, so you can improve patient care.

Every medical industry mechanical engineering project is different. Different devices will use different materials, have different features, and also different requirements. CAElliott uses their mechanical engineering expertise to apply metal casting design, materials stress testing, thermal analysis, electronic cooling designs and simulations, thermal simulations, research prototyping and more to design medical equipment and devices that make the medical field more productive and effective. Get in touch with us today to discuss your medical device engineering and design needs and see what solutions CAElliott is capable of.

Medical Equipment Engineering

Our engineers have experience with materials selection for medical radiation environments such as x-ray machines and CT scanners, mechanical packaging of control electronics, and structural analysis of suspended systems. Our strong machine design experience coupled with engineering simulations allow us to deliver high quality solutions. Our experience in medical mechanical engineering includes:

• Teletherapy Equipment Design
• Linear Accelerator Design
• Digital X-Ray Equipment
• Control Guidance For Device Manufacturing

Medical Device Engineering

Tightly packaging miniaturized components into esthetic, ergonomic, and functional tools and devices requires highly skilled mechanical engineers and designers. These are the skills CAElliott brings to projects by providing engineering solutions that stand out in the competitive medical market.

• Wearable Heart Monitors
• Capacitive Electrodes
• Telehealth Devices

Dental Device Design

We provide solutions to help develop next generation tools, equipment and devices along with the know-how to help dental manufacturers produce high quality consumables by assisting with the design of equipment for mass production.

• High Speed Dental Drill Design
• Dental Burr Manufacturing Equipment
• Dental X-Ray Equipment

Injury Prevention Equipment Design

CAElliott provided manufacturable CAD models for the plastic components of this concussion resistant hockey helmet. The parts had sophisticated parting lines and very challenging molded features. As fans of Canada’s pastime, we were thrilled to help make the game safer.

• Ergonomic Design Analysis
• Concussion Resistant Design
• Workplace Safety Equipment
• Molded Plastic Part Design
• Workplace Safety Equipment

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