We have the necessary skills to design, engineer and validate your next custom machinery project. We have years of experience designing and commissioning machinery for process-based manufacturing, technology research, and product development testing. Our deep supplier network and trusted engineering partners allow us to deliver reliable equipment with exceptional speed and economy. We are also happy to assist your project engineering team with independent analysis and reporting for industry compliance to technical standards and safety.

Manufacturing Process Equipment

Whether we are providing engineering analysis and reporting, mechanical design, or manufacturing fixtures, you can trust CAElliott to deliver innovative solutions and quality equipment designs to process-based industries such as plastics manufacturing.

• High Temperature Stress Analysis
• Pressurized Component Design
• Safety Compliance Reporting

Technology Research Apparatus

A well-designed custom research apparatus relies on solid mechanical engineering. We support research centers, universities and manufacturers to help them achieve the best possible outcomes for their new developments and their continuous improvements.

• Nanomaterial Reactor Design
• Calorimetry Test Equipment
• Flow Visualization Prototypes

Distributed Power Generation

CAElliott engineers are designing novel distributed cogeneration systems. Cogeneration systems for deployment in remote areas using locally available alternative fuels and also for use where traditionally fueled heat leading applications can further benefit from the production of onsite electricity.

• Steam Generator Designs
• Reciprocating Expander Designs
• Heat Engine Thermodynamic Analysis

Engineering Test Equipment

We design test equipment as part of the validation process for electro-mechanical products. Whether the equipment is for mass production or lab prototypes, our experienced engineers have the skills to deliver reliable equipment for your success.

• Electronic Testing Equipment
• Life Cycle Testing Equipment
• Environmental Testing Equipment

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