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Located in Ottawa’s high-tech supercluster region, CAElliott has been providing contract mechanical design and engineering solutions to clients since 1996. The majority of our clients are focused within the electronics, transport, machinery, and medical industry sectors. Our services include research, design, simulation, documentation, prototyping and testing in support of new product introductions, mechanical developments, and innovation. We work with our valued partners to provide effective solutions to their complex challenges. We operate in an environment of trust, honesty, loyalty and respect with our employees, clients, suppliers and community. CAElliott strives to continuously innovate to provide better solutions for a better world.

CAElliott was founded by Craig Elliott, M.Sc. Eng., in 1996 as a mechanical design and manufacturing services company. In 2000 CAElliott diversified to become an authorized reseller for PTC MCAD products and continued to support PTC software and solutions for ten years. In 2011 CAElliott refocused efforts on contract mechanical design and engineering solutions. Over two decades later, CAElliott has grown into a well-respected corporation with the combined talents of many outstanding engineers and designers providing solutions to clients throughout North America.

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Our Engineering Consulting Services

At CAElliott we are committed to providing all of our clients with engineering consulting services from our experienced, knowledgeable and innovative mechanical engineers. By using sophisticated mechanical analysis and simulation tools, our consultants hold unmatched precision and insight when it comes to their designs and manufacturing. We can push your project to new heights in quality, design, functionality and efficiency. All of our engineers hold a diverse set of skills and a wealth of experience in all stages of product development. Make sure your product is successful and sound through every stage of development and production with our experienced engineering consultants.

Project Consulting & Engineering For All Industries

The engineers at CAElliott are able to integrate with your current team seamlessly, ensuring your process and workflows can continue uninterrupted while maintaining your timeline goals and workflow. Our goal is to be a crucial and invaluable asset, helping your company reach new levels of success and quality. Since our founding in 1996, we have strived to push innovation and provide solutions to improve the world and processes around us. Contact our team of experts today to discuss your project. Learn how our engineering consultants can raise your amazing ideas to new levels of quality, efficiency, & design. Your project is our passion.