Our extensive knowledge of materials and manufacturing methods coupled with our deep supplier network allow us to deliver both prototypes and small production runs with exceptional speed and economy. We routinely complete assemblies and test our efforts prior to delivering rugged and functional prototypes to our clients for their projects. Nothing fosters continuous improvement quite like putting it all together after design and documentation is complete and the parts are ready for assembly, test and evaluation.

Prototype Manufacture

Our designers have strong backgrounds in manufacturing and we strive to apply the right process to each design. Our expertise includes molding, casting, forging, extruding, forming, photoetching, joining, machining, coating, heat treating, and additive manufacturing.

Production Manufacture

We project-manage short run manufacturing and assembly of our designs. We identify suppliers and coordinate delivery to shorten lead times and keeps costs low. Our engineers are also available to liaise and hand off the designs to volume manufacturers when products go to mass market.

Client satisfaction is our highest aim.