Mechanical design is our passion. We solve challenging problems with collaboration, creativity, technology and experience. Our engineers have a vast knowledge of the mechanical design trade from collectively committing to hundreds of thousands of design-hours. Manufacturers depend on us to deliver reliable mechanical designs and engineering solutions for their products and processes.

3D Mechanical Design

We are exceptionally proficient when using mechanical computer aided design tools for object definition. Solid CAD models are prerequisites for NC machining, additive manufacturing, FEA, CFD, photorealistic rendering, and reverse engineering. 3D modelling is one of the key foundations for the age of digital physical convergence.

2D Conceptual Design

During ideation, we use cost effective 2D design concepts for simple and clear communication with our clients. Sometimes a simple sketch or a quick 2D diagram can solve more problems in minutes than many hours of complex CAD work. Our experienced engineers know when to use the appropriate resources to advance the development process.

Client satisfaction is our highest aim.